The conference will consist of a half day session on Friday afternoon and a full day Saturday.


Preliminary Program Topics


Presentations and discussion

Ultrasound in medical education – overview

Teaching anatomy with ultrasound

Teaching physiology with ultrasound

The role of cadavers in teaching ultrasound and anatomy

The Thiel Method of embalming cadavers for use in ultrasound

Using ultrasound to teach normal and pathological fetal development

Ultrasound simulation in learning ultrasound and anatomy/physiology

Ultrasound and clinical correlation of anatomy/physiology

The role of 3D anatomy software

Web-based portal to review and store ultrasound images

Assessment of learners and the ultrasound program

E-learning: web-based instruction, videos, etc

Initiating an ultrasound program – what you need to get started from A to Z

Networking – a learning community – next steps


Ultrasound Workshops

Introduction to ultrasound (no experience required)

The very basic physics of ultrasound

Terminology and instrumentation (knobology)

Ultrasound of the neck

Ultrasound of the heart and lungs

Ultrasound of the abdomen

Ultrasound of the musculo-skeletal system